Careers in Digital Arts

If you love to create art and have a flair for digital media, you might want to consider a career in digital arts. You could work in the world of design and create video games, or create infographics for websites. You could even pursue a graduate certificate in digital arts. No matter what path you choose, you’ll never run out of work as a digital artist.

There are many colleges that offer digital arts programs. Some offer full-degree programs, while others offer minors and concentrations. If you want to pursue a career in digital arts, it is important to find a school with a dedicated focus to this field. For example, Hussian College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media. The program is a four-year program, and is aimed at students who are interested in pursuing careers in digital media.

Digital cinema, for instance, is an example of a modern digital art form that combines 2D and 3D moving images with sound. The medium has the potential for rich interactivity, and audiences can decide which scenes they want to see and even alter the movie’s viewing experience. Many of the digital tools developed in the movie industry are now available for use in other digital arts, including video games.

While it may be difficult to categorize what is not digital, strong interactivity is a hallmark of contemporary works. Similarly, strong interactivity can be found in non-digital appreciative categories such as literature, theater, and tabletop role-playing games. The key difference is that interactivity affects the user’s role in the work.

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