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    Using metal to make your product is one thing, but custom metal fabrication is all about forming and cutting your metal stock to a specific specification. The most important thing is to select a material that suits your application. Some applications require specialty metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum. If you’re manufacturing a product that will endure the rigors of hard water, plain steel may not be the best choice.

    What is metal fabricator?

    A custom metal fabrication company uses a range of industrial tools to make your product. From high-definition plasma cutters to high-speed lasers, there are plenty of devices to choose from.

    A small, medium, and large capacity metal fabrication facility can help you design and build the perfect fabricated part. Their services span from engineering to CAD to outside sales estimation. They also offer plant/facility maintenance management.

    As you might expect from a company with over 50 full-time employees, Carolina Fabricators, Inc. has a wealth of experience in the custom metal fabrication field. They have a reputation for quality, efficiency, and responsiveness. They proudly serve Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Newville. They also have a team of experts in engineering, accounting, purchasing, and fabrication.

    They also have a surprisingly large list of industry accolades. They’ve fabricated hundreds of control panels for an ISO 9000-certified global company. Their team has also fabricated spiral X-ray tanks for IBM. They are also known for their superior customer service.

    They have a history of producing high quality products at competitive prices. Founded in 1872, they are still going strong.

    Carolina Fabricators, Inc.
    3831 US-321
    West Columbia, SC 29172
    (803) 794-4906

    CFI is a Custom Metal Fabricator, machining, and welding of products such as ASME certified pressure vessels, structural components, and modular systems.

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